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OSRIK Technologies LLP is an established business solutions provider specialising in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), IT Services/Infrastructure and Solutions. Our team brings years of experience in Consultancy, Development, Technical Support, Implementation and Education.

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Consulting (90%)
System Design (80%)
Analysis (85%)
Branding (65%)
Marketing (82%)
Research (70%)
Development (82%)
Analytics (74%)
Implementation (95%)

OSRIK’s ERP inspires your company to think about business in a different way. We help you realise the potential of what ERP can do for your business. OSRIK’s flexible and scalable ERP software offers robust capabilities focused on reducing costs, streamlining processes, and improving customer responsiveness across the enterprise – all essential priorities to achieve continued growth and profitability.

We’re experts in integrating and extending ERP functionality, and design solutions to save you time and money- keeping your business simple and maximising your investment.

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Why choose us?

Our Customers work with us because of our dedicated, professional and highly accredited team as well as our extensive knowledge, experience and expertise across a number of sectors.

This is combined with a focus on customer service, enabling us to deliver to our customers a complete end to end solution for their business.


Providing companies with tightly-integrated and seamless, multichannel solutions that help drive their business forward.

Our software and technology are designed to help companies maximise their revenue, improve efficiency and enhance the customer experience from start to finish.

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